As a training organisation formed by workers from the Australian industry, our goal is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to keep every working Australian happy, healthy and safe. Our organisation was established and registered in 2003 as a private provider of vocational education and training. Our team has accumulated decades of experience in high risk industries like multi storey building demolition and asbestos removal. We offer a range of courses to suit the needs of workers in all aspects of construction.

Five reasons why you need our training

  1. We help develop and maintain safe and productive workplaces.
  2. Meeting compliance. Ensuring the necessary working knowledge and understanding of the legal and safety requirements for your individual workplace are understood. We help workers and management understand their legal rights and obligations under Australian workplace safety and environmental laws.
  3. Minimise absence and maintain familiarity for your workplace. We will train and assess in your workplace utilising your usual equipment to minimise workplace disruption and lessen the discomfort sometimes associated with training & assessment process.
  4. We are able to provide short courses, tailored to your specific needs with training provided by professional vocational trainers with sound industry experience
  5. We won’t waste time or “pad out” courses, nor will we waste your money. We simply deliver appropriate workplace training solutions for your individual needs in a skilful, timely way, saving you valuable time and money whilst achieving the best possible results.

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