Our Services

Presentation of Industrial concepts

Transform Training is able to provide formal presentation expertise in all areas of the construction industry and industrial environments. We specialise in delivering difficult presentations to work groups, resolving conflict, addressing team member concerns and developing new attitudes in the workplace for more efficient outcomes. Toolbox presentations, incident analysis and work group discussions are delivered effectively.

Training and assessment

Training and assessment in a wide variety of Construction, Transport and Logistics and Resources and Infrastructure competencies. We offer nationally recognised training and high risk licensing training & assessment and organisational specific “duty of care” training.

Asbestos audits and registers

Asbestos management is often presented as some mystical and difficult area of work. It doesn’t need to be complicated or obscenely expensive.  Our personnel have decades of experience in all aspects of asbestos handling and asbestos hazard management as well as an outstanding knowledge of Australian government requirements relating to asbestos.

Demolition, civil construction, asbestos abatement and site remediation project management

We provide professional services, training and awareness to ensure that all safety considerations are reflected in industrial site project management. Our personnel have managed some of the largest and most sensitive projects of these types throughout Australia. We are experts in our fields and are able to provide project tendering and management services for any size and type of demolition, asbestos abatement or civil construction project.

General safety and environmental advice

Our goal is to ensure that all PCBUs, managers, supervisors and workers understand and possess the best practical frameworks to prevent accidents and environmental damage in all aspects of the industry and organisation in which they work.

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